JonJagger How about if everyone going to #openvolcano10 networks with 5 who aren’t to think about how best to use the openspace (from me and Kevlin Henney)

flowchainsensei #OpenVolcano10 My topic suggestion 1: What is all this coding FOR, anyways?

flowchainsensei #OpenVolcano10 My topic suggestion 2: What makes for a highly-effective tech organisation?

@natpryce: I want #openvolcano10 to come up with a better name for monads

flowchainsensei #OpenVolcano10 My topic suggestion 3: Buyology, Emotioneering and the User Experience

flowchainsensei #OpenVolcano10 My topic suggestion 4: Notions of Value – can the rational and emotional co-exist?

stal_m @KevlinHenney what about documenting in agile contexts, agile architecture design, when to prefer functional prgr over OO #openvolcano10

JonJagger #openvolcano10 someone thinks of a world changing idea tonight, all attendees self-organize and build it tomorrow (I can wish for anything)

darrenhobbs #openvolcano10 I suggest ‘Humane software design’ . Why does software so rarely and so poorly reflect the way physical objects behave?

bernhardmerkle #openvolcano10: idea: what really motivates people (not only developers)…

bernhardmerkle #openvolcano10: idea: how to measure in agile teams (this is often not done IMO)

stal_m #openvolcano10: more about agility in large projects